Cats & dogs hotel “Best Pet’s Holiday” is situated very close to the capital of Bulgaria, in the town of Bankya.

The area is famous for its clean air and mineral water springs.

There are many parks in and around the town, as well as green meadows, pine and deciduous forests, perfectly suitable for the walking of any kind of dog.

The Best Pet’s Holiday hotel
“Best Pet’s Holiday” is brand new; it was opened on August 1, 2010.

When you have to leave your home, go abroad or on a vacation and you cannot take your four-legged friend with you, then you can use our services.

Trust us, we will take good care and your cat/dog will be very comfortable during its stay at the hotel. It is our purpose to make your pets feels as if they were on holiday too; it is not only a human privilege!

Besides the environmentally friendly area, the good material foundation and the wide set of services, the attitude towards each of our guests is also a very important feature. The hotel’s capacity is not very large and this allows the staff to attend to each pet individually, to give them the necessary attention and to comply with all the specific needs of the four-legged guest.

Take your time and browse our gallery and our site to see what we offer in terms of services and material conditions.

We have tried to make the cats & dogs hotel Best Pet’s Holiday a very nice place, where each guest is given love and care and does not miss much the cozy, warm home.

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