When you have to travel and you cannot take your pet along, you can turn to Best Pet’s Holiday. If you trust us with your cat, dog or other pet, you can be sure, that your pet will be taken care of by a team of professionals, who will see to provide it with the maximum comfort and vet care. The comfort of your pet is our main target!

In spite of being away, the cat or dog will not miss the homely warmth and coziness, nor will it infringe its daily rhythm and habits. We know that each animal has different character and specific needs, so we treat individually all our guests. We respect you requirements for food regime, daily walks, playtime, and so on.

The cats & dogs hotel Best Pet’s Holiday is situated in the environmentally friendly and clean area of the town of Bankya. Each dog is accommodated in a separate and spacious room. The flooring is in compliance with the hygiene requirements and is easily and quickly cleaned.

The grassy yard is nearby – each dog can freely go there to play or just walk around. We walk individually every dog twice a day. The smaller breeds of dogs and the cats are accommodated in special rooms, in accordance with their sizes and specific needs.

The food is also in accordance with your requirements. All animals in the hotel are under 24-hour supervision and control by a veterinarian. We provide transportation to and from the hotel whenever it is suitable for you.


We know how important your pet is for you and that it is a full member of your family. That’s why the cats & dogs hotel Best Pet’s Holiday makes all necessary efforts to provide comfort, care and last, but not least love to each four-legged guest!

We only take vaccinated dogs with passport.

We only take vaccinated cats with passport.

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